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April 2024

For Room Bookings please phone the church on 020 8550 1518

For all other inquiries, please phone Sue on 020 8500 5386

Links for Sunday live-streamed services

Sunday worship plan - April

  •   7th April, 10.00am United service here with Barkingside, Led by Dr Tony Russell

  • 14th April, 10.00am Service led by our Worship Leaders.

  • 21st April,  10.00 am Service led by Revd Kido Baek.

  • 28th April, 10.00 am  Service led by Mrs Foluso Famoylin                                                                                                  

  •   5th May, 9.30am United service at Barkingside led by Revd Kido Baek                                                                

Advance Notice

There will be a celebration of all the work done by Carol for the Religious Education Resources Project on Sunday 24th June at 3pm. This will take place at Grange Hill Church, Burrow Road, Hainault, and we welcome Revd Keith Underhill who was instrumental in launching the project during his time as the Minister at Gantshill.

Good news from the Circuit Leadership Team

We are pleased to announce that the Revd. Jacqueline Rivas Jones has been matched to our Circuit and will join us in September 2024. At present Jacqui is stationed in Florida so representatives from each church have met her on zoom. Jacqui will have responsibility for Barkingside, Gantshill, Goodmayes and The Drive Churches.

Please remember Jacqui and the Circuit in prayer during this transitional time as we prepare to work together and Kido as he prepares to move to Wembley.


Open Thursday 
All are welcome to our Thursday Café between 12 noon and 4pm. Come and enjoy real coffee and snacks, join in a game of Scrabble – or just come and chat.

News from the Religious Education Project

Dear Friends,
I am writing this as the autumn term is finishing and schools are preparing for Christmas.

 There have been 5 visits to our Circuit churches this month (2 to Ilford Methodist and 3 to Goodmayes Methodist). My thanks go to the church members who helped out with these visits. Once again Ilford hosted the children whilst they stayed on in the church to eat their packed lunches. There have been 2 whole Year group Zoom sessions for 240 children on the subjects of Christian prayer and the inspiration of Jesus but no specific lessons requested about Christmas.

As you may be aware overall bookings for the Project have reduced since lockdown as schools have given less priority to RE in favour of catching up on the curriculum. In addition schools have increasingly put me in the classrooms with assistants, cover or supply teachers which has led to some very difficult situations involving me being unable to meet the brief of the RERP which is to advise and work with class teachers in their delivery and planning of Christian RE. This has been very difficult and has weighed heavily on me.
It has been agreed by my Management Committee that for this academic year I will respond to lesson session requests by offering Zooms with the church visits carrying on as before. This resolves many of the issues in the classrooms and still offers a wide range of support to schools. Furthermore it was agreed at the November Circuit meeting that the Project will finish at August 2024, the end of this Methodist year.
This decision has not been made lightly and my thanks go to the members of the Management Team, Kido and Mmasape, for their support as we have tried to find solutions together.

The work of the RERP has been my personal mission for 13 years and I have put my all into it. It has been a privilege to discuss faith with so many children over the last 13 years. I will continue to update you with the work undertaken over the next 2 terms.
God bless.

Circuit Religious Education Resources Project school’s worker


East London Model Railway Group

The Group meets in the Church Parlour on Tuesdays and Thursday from 10am to 5pm.

Bring your own models to work on, work on the Club layout, or just enjoy tea and a chat. New members are most welcome. For more information contact John 07414755365


Image by Aaron Burden

Letter to the Circuit: April 2024


It’s a new Dawn of renewed hope as we declare: Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed.

 As I reflect on the intricacies of my journey, embodying moments of both grace and frailty, I am reminded of the richness and complexity inherent in our human experience. In the tapestry of my life, I have embraced joy and sorrow, pride and embarrassment, authenticity and facades, truth and falsehood. I have traversed the spectrum from openness and receptivity to closure and rigidity, from integrity to moments of compromise at the slightest provocation. Amidst these dualities, there is a verse from the hymn "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" that resonates deeply with me:

"Jesus! the name that charms our fears,
That bids our sorrows cease;
'Tis music in the sinner's ears,
'Tis life and health and peace."


These words encapsulate the power and significance of the name of Jesus, offering solace and comfort during our complexities. They remind me that in the face of fear and uncertainty, there is a name that brings calm and dispels sorrow. The name of Jesus is like music to the ears of those who seek forgiveness and redemption, bringing life, health, and peace to those who believe.

In the light of Easter's triumph and the anticipation of Pentecost's joy, this verse reminds me of the profound unity that binds us all as we journey through life's mysteries. Just as the readings on the cross and Pentecost illuminate the transformative power of sacrifice and renewal, my own narrative echoes these profound themes of struggle and redemption, growth and celebration. In the shadow of the cross, where suffering and grace converge, I find comfort in the universal truth of resilience and rebirth. The joy of Pentecost, with its promise of spiritual awakening and divine presence, ignites a flame of hope within my heart, guiding me through the ebbs and flows of existence.
As much as I may struggle with self-acceptance at times, recognizing these dualities within me is an essential part of embracing the fullness of my humanity. In acknowledging these contradictions and intricacies within us, we illuminate our shared experience of the human condition, fostering compassion, understanding, and a deeper connection with one another. As we gather around the sacred texts that speak of sacrifice and revival, may we find strength in the shared narratives of faith and renewal, seeking forgiveness, extending grace, and embracing the richness of our diverse experiences.

In the light of our united struggle to find resources – both human and financial, to keep the gospel and mission of our faith going; it is important that we draw even closer as a circuit – celebrating and honouring those individual attributes of our congregations, whilst maintaining our place in the wider body that is the circuit.  It was a delight to share in our united lent studies and look forward to our upcoming Easter-Pentecost study based on the book of Acts of the Apostles.  It is this community of disciples where they were united in prayer and fellowship, sharing in all things that we draw inspiration and encouragement.  Many in our circuit have expressed how wonderful it is to belong to the different groups such as our circuit fellowship of safeguarding officers or the Youth leaders’ groups as these give a place to share experience and expertise.  Joining in circuit study or services reminds us that we are not alone and it rekindles the fire of Christ’s resurrection, so please may I urge us all to join our circuit mission and move forward in faith – together.


Blessed Easter wishes,

Revd. Mmasape Thathane-Tyolweni


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